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Welcome to Achieving Competence Today (ACT) an innovative curriculum in health care systems and quality improvement.  ACT is a program of Partnerships for Quality Education (www.pqe.org) a national initiative of The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.


The ACT model, which is preparing residents, graduate nursing students, and other trainees to address the performance challenges of the future, has three essential elements:


  1. An intensive, action-based learning curriculum that teaches learners about systems and practice improvement.
  2. Interdisciplinary learning through collaboration on a quality improvement project.
  3. Connecting the learners with the institution’s senior quality leadership.


There is little argument that today’s clinicians need to be competent in systems and practice improvement and in working collaboratively with colleagues from other disciplines.  The challenge is how to do this in a way that engages learners.  The ACT curriculum is designed to link learners, who provide the majority of care in academic health centers, with those in their organization whose mandate it is to improve quality.  The ACT model is designed to test whether linking residents, graduate nursing students, and other trainees with quality improvement leadership, giving them the tools they need to design solutions to the real world problems, and structuring their work so that they see the power and the necessity of collaboration can be a significant force for change in the nation’s academic health centers.


Over the last year, 12 of the nation’s top academic health centers have tested the ACT model with over 150 learners from multiple disciplines. This year, 14 institutions will continue to refine the ACT model.  The ACT 2005 initiative generated enthusiasm among both learners and leaders.  The goal of ACT 2006 is to see if this enthusiasm can translate into on-going gains in competence and substantive contributions to improving quality in the pilot institutions.


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This web site and curriculum receives no support from Managed Care or other commercial interests.  It is funded wholly by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, an independent not-for-profit health care foundation.


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